What can you expect after finishing the Danish Duolingo tree?

I mean what level of danish will you get? Will you be able to read a simple book? Have simple conversations? I'm assuming one isn't rushing through the tree and take a few months to do it and puts the effort to keep it all golden while moving forward.

June 4, 2017


I would love to help anyone learning Danish. I'm a native speaker, so I'm pretty skilled.

June 14, 2017

I just want to know, is the pronunciation of danish on Duolingo somewhat normal? Because how in the world are you guys able to actually communicate???

I just, for the first ever, tried the Danish course on Duolingo. To me it seems quite natural. I guess it takes a lot of practice to learn Danish:)

I hardly hear the differences between a lot of sounds. Especially the end of words. Well almost anything after the first letter..

Feeling rather desperate. It is like Chinese to me, and I finished the whole effing tree..

Well, I don't know what to say. Actually, I think the Danish language is very diverse in it's pronouncement compared to other languages.

You could probably read quite a basic book, hold your own in a fairly simple conversation, etc.. If you want to learn more try and find films and tv shows either på Dansk with English (assuming English is your preferred language) subtitles or in English with Dansk subtitles as that would probably help with speaking and colloquialisms - on television people speak the way they would in real life, as opposed to the way one is told people speak if you learn the language formally. They are fairly similar (formal and informal learning) in what you get at the end but sometimes little things make all the difference.

There is a DR TV app that works in most countries, some programmes cannot be viewed outside Denmark due to copyright reasons but a great many can. Most programmes have the option of subtitles, that is, slightly simplified Danish subtitles. I found this helped me enormously. Also netflix you can make into Danish and most programmes in a language other than Danish will then have Danish subtitles. Memrise is excellent for learning vocab. There is also a book called something like 'An Essential Danish Grammar' published by Routledge that the publishers put online as an ebook. There is a 'comprehensive' version of this book too, but it isn't really necessary to get this as the Essential one covers anything a non-academic would need to know. Finally friend some Danes and speak to them. I've been learning Danish since Dec 2015 and I am pretty much fluent now.

If you complete the Danish tree on Duolingo, you could say it's a bit like studying a language course at university. I've only started it a few weeks ago - and the skills get quite a bit harder. The hardest thing about learning any foreign languages are the tenses. It requires a lot of time and dedication and you have to be really really committed. I would also suggest listening to the radio as well.

You don't need to finish the tree to achieve that. Don't use only Duolingo.

I didn't say I wanted to achieve that. I asked what is the level of danish one can get by finishing the tree.

25 is possible. Some people finish it with 10 to 12.

I meant level as in knowledge. What can you do when you finish the danish tree

You can read a bit. That's it mainly. You can speak some sentences. Depends on how much you practiced or if you rushed through the tree. If you practice a lot and repeat well you can do more. If you use other materials you can be on a proficient level. Duolingo is only a tool for me along with other materials. Reading, writing, speaking and listening happen elsewhere too.

If you practice only on Duolingo but very well, it can still be a lot to build on. Let's say A2, B1. Your reading and writing would be better than speaking and listening.

You're welcome. Thanks for the lingot.

Any kind of YouTube video in Danish or Danish with subtitles, italki or HelloTalk to speak/write, audio books to listen to (from YouTube or Audible), movies (they are also on YouTube very often), blogs, online newspapers, Facebook/Reddit groups in Danish, short stories and books, Wikipedia articles, LingQ. Many hobbies can be done in Danish as well. Danish books about any kind of hobby are available easily.

Get vocabulary about your life to talk about yourself, your job/university/school and your hobbies. You probably talk about it more often than Danish culture (though there is nothing wrong with Danish culture.)

I don't recommend specific movies or books because I don't know what you like and the number of different material is huge. Do you have specific questions?

Thank you! Any extra material you could suggest?

Manuel you might be able to read a Danish book ,but you're never gonna understand spoken Dansk. I was taught Danish in school for years ,still don't understand spoken danish if my life depended on it.

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