"Eu mănânc friptură de curcan."

Translation:I eat turkey roast.

June 4, 2017

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What.... what's a turkey steak?


It's been translated too literally. It means roast turkey or turkey cutlet.


I felt "roast turkey" would be the best translation... But didnt want to chance breaking my stride. Thanks for confirming my feelings.


"I eat a turkey steak" is wrong, but "I eat turkey steak" is correct. Why not both?


Why is I eat turkey steak wrong?


So friptura means steak AND roast? I'm not so sure. Do you realise 'roast' means cooked in the oven and steak is a piece of meat? I'm guessing you're confusing 'grilled' with roast, so when you say 'roast' turkey, you actually mean 'grilled' turkey which could also be a steak so it makes sense, though roast turkey is mostly the whole bird cooked in the oven for hours.


In the UK the word "steak" sometimes means food that is shaped into a steak shape to be cooked, so turkey steak, fish steak or (god help us !) cauliflower steaks www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/foodanddrink/how-to-make-cauliflower-steak-ms-a3736626.html

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