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Complete Genki books (second edition) + Grammar books.

Here you go!


June 4, 2017


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Thanks for all :D

June 4, 2017


Thanks for hosting these! Are the Genki textbooks meant to only be downloadable and not viewable through Google Drive, or is that a mistake on my end?

You have to download them because Drive can't open pdf files. They're also pretty big so make sure you have decent internet or you'll be waiting for a while.

Thank you, you just saved me from taking 430+ pictures from a borrowed book.

Um, wow, didn't expect this to be here, but I think you just saved a lot of lives. Thank you for sharing this!

[09/01/18] ありがとうほらこ224さん。

thank you so much 4 sharing!!!

Thank you, Captain Duosparrow!

Where are the audios for genki :( ?

This is so illegal and so awesome. Thank you.

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