I have daily reminders from Duo to do my lessons. Today I have received a message from the owl suggesting the reminders don't seem to be working so he's going to suspend them for a while... Silly owl has upset me because currently have a streak of 320!!! What more can I do?

June 4, 2017


Use the alarm on your phone or email program on your Pc.

I think I will email Pentaan. Thank you for your suggestion

Duo sends out separate reminders for each language you sign up for. If you haven't done anything with one of them for a few days it will stop sending reminders for that one. You'll still get reminders for the others you are studying regularly.

Aha. Now I understand. I'm dabbling with French at the mo but not doing it every day as German is what I've been concentrating on. Thanks Max. A lingot will be winging it's way, and one for Pentaan too.

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