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No possibilty to communicate with other Duolingers

Why was it taken away? I understand there was much rubbish around but, on the other hand, I could get in touch and make friends with different people around the world. There should be some way to reinstate it ....

June 4, 2017



Yeah same honestly, Duolingo is ruining their website with all these garbage "updates"



Some can post to me

but I cannot reply

A communicating website

we cannot use the language

we are encouraged to learn

but look for other sites

Twitter has closed many in Germany

facebook is just poison

Duolingo used to be such a safe site

but now it is difficult to access

we wait but lose many to memrise

and to so of the other sites


[deactivated user]

    This is amazing.


    I believe this feature is going to come back. If I remember correctly, the activity stream stopped because of the update, but Duolingo doesn't plan in the long term to prevent us to communicating to people individually.


    Wish you were right, I haven't heard about any return of this feature, unfortunately ....


    Yeah actually it appears that Duolingo is planning to continue developing the language bots instead of bringing back a real communication system.


    Same. I honestly think you should be able to send private messages to private users without everyone else in the world seeing it.


    The founder explains why here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909 There is supposed to be something new and better coming soon though.


    Yes the something new and better happens to be chatt bots. Won't that be so exciting?


    By something new and better I meant for a messaging system. On another note, yes I think chat bots for the computer would be great!


    I didn't say the bots were better. I am saying that is what Luis was referring to when he said they were working on new social features.


    Maybe both, as when he was talking about activity streams he mentioned something to replace it and also private messaging


    Did you read his last AMA on reddit? Not once did he mention bringing back the streams in fact he basically said they wouldn't because not enough people actually used them. But he did have plenty to say about bots and how wonderful they are. If you don't believe me read it for yourself. https://www.reddit.com/user/vonahn/comments?count=25=1=t1_dhqeoj5


    Many of us are using discord to communicate with each other. Here is a funny short video explaining why to use discord. Discord - Don't Be A Broom: http://youtu.be/sSPIMgtcQnU.

    I have a Chattroom for Spanish students https://discord.gg/8pyhVbU where you can chat with native speakers and practice your writing and speaking skills. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join. There are many other different language Chatrooms available and if anyone is interested let me know what languages you are working on and I will get you the appropriate links.


    I am looking for a chatroom where i can practice German.


    OK here is the German Learners and Discussions Chatroom https://discord.gg/8jpgYj5.


    How about Italian?


    And Portuguese? :D


    Molto grazie, mio amico.


    No hay de qué. (I don't know what you would say in Italian.)

    And I should also mention the Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22325618 because it has a channel for every language on Duolingo. Although they are not very active compared to the language specific servers.


    duoling is totally adding terrible updates that take away from what it once was. i agree.


    Quite new here, what was here before?


    There was a possibility to view your friends' (people you were following) activities, you could write messages to them. I have created some DL classes and I could, for example, encourage my students, praise them, exchange some short comments etc. That tool was good, really good ...


    it is very hard to try to open new courses if the volunteers cannot talk ones to others....

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