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Do you still go on duo-lingo after you finish it?

Im wondering if people still do duo-lingo after they actually finish it?

June 4, 2017



I keep refreshing the finished ones. I want to reach level 25 on all of them.


You could, if you really wanted to practice the language again. Or you can do another language.


Of course! I review, or start new trees


Yes, I maintain the tree for a couple months. Or do a reverse tree. Or take a break to do other things, then come back to refresh later. Some people maintain trees every day for a year or more. It depends on the person.


I won't consider it finished until they actually Finnish it !


I finished my tree a while back (a month or so) and I'm still on here refreshing things. I like the review because there are definitely things I haven't mastered (like some tenses).


You can still go on duolingo after you finish it. You can either keep practicing the language that you were learning, or you can learn a new language


I'm sure there are many people who have finished their tree and no longer visit Duo, but I finished my French tree in March and am still here. I was working on Irish for a while, but I'm taking a break from Irish, though I'm still working on French at least a little every day and should hit my 140 day streak tomorrow.

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