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Words to use instead of "Very"

Hi~ here's a list of some words that I use commonly to replace the word "very", I find it very helpful, I hope you too!

very noisy → deafening

very worried → anxious

very bad → awful

very afraid → terrified, fearful

very angry → furious

very weak → feeble

˚ . + ˚

very strange → bizarre

very old → ancient

very serious → solemn

very dry → parched, arid

very cold → freezing

✵ .° ✫

very beautiful → exquisite, gorgeous

very bright → dazzling, luminous

very tasty → delicious

very valuable → precious

very happy → jubilant

very often → frequently


June 4, 2017

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very hard - difficult

very easy - simple

very close - near

very far - faraway

English speakers also replace very with "really."

really hard

really easy

really old

I have also heard "pretty" used frequently but this is not as strong as very or really.

pretty noisy

pretty strange

pretty happy


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is j-hope no? xd


No, it's Yoongi ^^


aa oki jeje i like a yoongi


It would be: "I like Yoongi", you use "a" when it comes to an object :)


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