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How I "donated" $9.99 to Duolingo:

I've read several comments saying that people would donate money to Duolingo if there was a donate button.

Here's how I "donated" $9.99 to Duolingo:

I subscribed to Duolingo Plus on my Android phone, which means I signed up for a $9.99 monthly subscription. Before the month ended, I cancelled the auto renewal for Duolingo Plus. I didn't get Duolingo Plus for any of its features. I solely wanted to give Duolingo money because its helped me soo much on my language learning journey.

Maybe in the future I will subscribe to Duolingo Plus again to financially contribute to the sustainability of this platform, but I did what I could at the moment.

Update: I used this article to cancel my monthly subscription with Duolingo Plus on my Android phone: https://support-splashtoppersonal.splashtop.com/hc/en-us/articles/230005227-How-do-I-unsubscribe-from-an-auto-renewing-subscription-on-Android-devices-Tablet-Handset-

June 4, 2017



I don't get a Duolingo Plus option anymore :P. I actually wanted to buy it too a few days ago but noticed the Duolingo Plus option had disappeared. I won't buy it monthly since it's simply too expensive for what I deem Duolingo's worth, but rather like trimestrial. I'm either in an a/b test or the subscription option is hidden when you frequently tap the ads (lately I've tapped them often - before switching back to web), which might have made them more money than "plus" would have.

I've stopped using the mobile app 3 days ago, switching back to web, thus I wouldn't get anything out of buying it, but it's only fair to pay Duolingo a bit too after I've paid for an other service (which I hadn't even used for months after buying premium - but had received a nice discount for).

Anyway it's kinda odd that past months, literally every single month my ads related options have changed: bought the no ads feature for 3€, the next month it asked for 11€, the next month it becomes Duolingo Plus, next month (now) Duolingo Plus has vanished xD. Not even to mention the changes with ads themselves...

I wonder what ads and ads related options for me will be like next month xD.

P.S. Why I won't pay Duolingo retroactively for past "services"? Because Duolingo being free to use was one of the prime reasons I even started using it. I almost certainly would never have tried Duolingo if it was a premium-only service for 11€ / month. Not even to mention that I don't care that much about some languages either: Italian and Spanish, which I mainly added because "I can". If they want my money, offer me value for it and don't expect me to keep a tab to pay for months or years of past service :P.


i didn't know that. Thanks for the information!


Good for you! Have a lingot!


Another way is to buy DL "gear": https://gear.duolingo.com/. Not much of a selection. I'd buy a set of mugs if they were available.


Everything in the store is sold "at cost". You'd still be helping from an advertising perspective, but no money spent at the store goes to Duolingo as profit. Take a look here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/900265/Introducing-gear-duolingo-com


Didn't know that. Perhaps they should revisit the issue. I don't think it would deter sales.


Thank you for the idea! I will do the same as I really approve of what they are doing.

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