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Avatar Shop!! Customize your own avatars!!

Hi, I heard that duo shop was closing for a while so, I decided to make my own avatar shop!

Duo's are 10 lingots each. You can do a custom background, any color duo, and you can add on a hat for only 2 LINGOTS!


Hat Options:

I am also doing animals. They are 15 lingots each. Just tell me what animal you want.

All orders will be delivered within 2-7 days. If not, your order will be free.

June 4, 2017



Hehe nice. Maybe you'll but Duo Shop out of business. If you do well enough, I bet you could. I wonder what ever happened to QQJoy...


Last time I paid lingots for this type of service it never came into fruition... :/ But.... Tiger with Blue and White flag... or Duo... and the Indiana Jones hat lol. Hmu if u can do more friend


So a tiger, and then a duo with blue and white flag backgrounds with the 3rd hat? Am I correct?


I can only see 3 hats. What is the first one? But yes. Ty for the service


I would like a green duo with a blue backround and a top hat.

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