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Has anyone gotten all the achievements yet?

The android version of the app has a feature called "achievements"...Has anyone gotten all the achievements yet? if so, does anything special happen when you get all twelve?

June 4, 2017



Nothing special happened when I obtained them all.

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Got them all, nothing happened :-)


I have them all as well. I don't even know how I got the traveler one because I've never left my time zone but, nothing happens at all.


If you have a vpn then Duolingo might have been "tricked" into thinking you were in a different time zone


Haven't finished a language yet, but that's my last one, I think. I got the rest really quickly, too. Not so excited about them...


Something should happen when you achieve them all! I got a friend to sign up so I could get my final one and nothing...


It would be neat if you got a special pokemon character - after all, you got them all !


I've got all except one -- the one for finishing a lesson before eight. But I went through all the lessons and the strengthening for some category after 1 am (which should be before 8, right?) And it did not show up.

Now oddly, I managed to achieve the "other timezone" one without leaving the house. Maybe they are switched?


I think you can get the <8am achievement by doing a lesson from 6am-7:59am

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