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Kannst du mir den Kollegen vorstellen?

the verb "vorstellen" has 2 "Objects": which is dative and which is Akkusative?

June 4, 2017



"jemanden (Akkusativ) jemandem (Dativ) vorstellen"

If Person A is the direct object (Akk) and Person B is the indirect object (Dat), then A is introduced to B. This means person B is the one who gets to know person A.

Kannst du ihn (Akk) mir (Dat) vorstellen.

Can you introduce him to me.


this is the answer :-) thanks


In your example, "mir" is Dative and "den Kollegen" is Akkusative.

If you want to find out the declination of a word, you can always ask the same questions:

  • "Who or what does something?" if you want to find the Nominative (the protaginist of your sentence)
  • "Whose?" if you want to find the Genitive (Possessive)
  • "Whom? To whom?" if you're looking for the Dative
  • "Who or what?" if you're looking for the Akkusative (the object)

In your sentence:

  • "Who or what does something?" - du = Nominative
  • "Whose?" - not present
  • "Whom? To whom?" - mir = Dative
  • "Who or what?" - "den Kollegen" = Akkusativ

I hope this helps you in the future. :)


I think you mixed up Genitiv and Dativ there at the end :)


Oh, yes sorry! Just edited it.


"Mir" is dative (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_pronouns#Personal_pronouns). Kollege is masculine so takes "den" in the accusative.


thank you guys but I do understand the example, and I already know dir is dativ and den kollegen is Akk!! I mean in general.

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