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Hate health? Here's a way to avoid it on your iPhone or iPad

If you're like me and hate the health feature on the latest iOS update but like other aspects of the app, here's a workaround I use. It's not ideal but will tide me over until the next update when Duolingo hopefully does something about the health feature.

What I've done is created a home page shortcut to the Duolingo app on my iPhone. Currently, the Duolingo website doesn't use the health feature. The mobile version of the site works much in the same way the app does, although it is missing the ability to check your pronunciation that the app has.

I have a daily goal of completing two new lessons a day. I do those lessons via the shortcut, bypassing the health meter altogether. I'll then use my app for any practice/lesson strengthening I want to do, since neither one of those are affected by the health meter. That way, I can still practice pronunciation etc ... while having the convenience of using my phone.

Unfortunately, you can't access the Japanese lessons through the website just yet, but it will work for other languages.

As I said, it's not ideal, but doing things this way has allowed me to still enjoy Duolingo. Hopefully this helps some others too.

June 4, 2017



The website is far more useful than the app version in other ways, too- every course features in-depth grammar notes before most lessons which are missing from every course on the app.

I never understood how people got their heads around complex grammatical features while learning through the app.


I've done this for the past week. Yesterday, instead of the normal reminder to practice, the app popped up a message on my iPad to say "these reminders don't seem to be working so we're going to stop sending them" :)

The only downside I've found so far is that when I tried switching apps mid-practice, the page reloaded and I lost my progress on that lesson. Other than that, it's a workable solution until we see what updates to the app will bring.


Japanese is not supposed to have health active until after beta testing is finished from what I read


Japanese on the app does have health which is incredibly annoying given the limited set of acceptable English translations


I'd file a bug report I think it is a mistake at Duo


Helpful. I've just discovered no health on website!

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