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Finnish language?

I am really interested in practicing finnish (this is my fav site to practice a language), however this has no finnish.

my questions are: is there any way to know if there is going to be finnish course on this site? how can I vote for it in case there is a poll what language to create on this site? and can I add a language to suggest somewhere to work on it?

I saw the incubator, but it has no even finnish, and even if I was finn who would contribute, I could not do it becuase it is not listed.

I tried to find anything about it on this discussion part of the site, but it was reaaaaally un-successful try.

June 4, 2017



Look at this comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194. And, if you are fluent in English and Finnish, you could colaborate to create your own course!


Duolingo asks users to sum up their votes/comments in one existing discussion, which would be the discussion thread Project Finnish! For more information, you can view the discussion [GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


Not sure why that language Finnish is not being added.

There are volunteers, it has been upvoted many times, there has been asked for very many times in the past years.



According to Duolingo it is a wrong conclusion to relate the number of upvotes to actual learners of that particular language combination.


It should have been added long since anyhow as it is a major European language which is still missing. If there are volunteers why not starting it is a big question. The request is open already for many years.

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yes they said that, but I mean..they have added not so popular languages like romanian who currently has 137k learners I think Finnish would have more students


The most important thing at the end of the day would be to get Finnish on the Duolingo language bandwagon.

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