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I don't know about anybody else but I am so disappointed with Duolingo!! I have been studying French for almost two years and have spent hours every day practicing and felt rewarded for my efforts. Now all I am getting is a handful of sentences over and over again and I am board to tears and not managing to get any points for my efforts. The clock is now impossible, by not being able to review any mistakes AFTER the clock has finished means you cannot really learn what you have done wrong as you get timed out, then don't get the points for what you have done. I tried the tiny cards last night and went over and over words I already know but cannot get the challenge of thinking of creating sentences for myself. A very sad day after 623 days of hard work :(

June 5, 2017


A moderator has posted that the inability to review answers after practice is an unintended mistake caused by the new site transition and it will be fixed probably within the next month or sooner.

I think another good site coming around would be a very good thing because more options and competition can push duo to improve faster. However, I am hopeful because I can see that Duolingo is fixing some of the problems caused by the new site and I hope will improve other things too after those get fixed.

As far as the trees getting expanded and the lack of variety in practice for people who finished a tree is concerned, I don't know whether to expect everything to be satisfactory within weeks, months, or longer, but I do think they will go in the right direction and if you leave Duo, it'd be worth checking back in every month or so to see whether it has progressed and improved.

"A moderator has posted that the inability to review answers after practice is an unintended mistake caused by the new site transition and it will be fixed probably within the next month or sooner."

Thanks, that's great news. I was worried about this as well.

I wish I could post a link to the comment, but alas.. I do not remember which discussion it was posted on. But it was definitely a moderator replying to someone concerned about this specific issue..

There was a quick response here form the developer:

No worries, I will take your word for it.

The new version of the site is terrible. It feels inflexible and slow. Probably the first change in a couple of years that has really made me doubt whether I'm going to keep on with DL. Will stay for a least a little in case they fix it.

i feel you reason why i got unmotivated during august and november

Duo only claims to be a starting point I suspect you need to leave Duo behind. Congratulations on your streak and level

Thanks to everyone who responded to my wailings, it made me feel better and tonight the sight has improved so lets keep hoping especially for the review button and a better clock system :)

I like the timed review, but i would like it even more if they had the training button as well like before. Adding learning games and testing the speed in which I can answer seems to help me out a lot. i wouldn't be disappointed, Duolingo is the best free app for learning out there. I'm sure they are committed to making sure the vast majority of their users are satisfied and learning efficiently. They are calling these experiments so i wouldn't worry to much.

I agree with you 100% I HATE the new site.

I'm sorry but who thought it was a good layout? First if I need a word the pop up window covers where I'm trying to type. Second, having a large computer screen the eye travel distance to see the correct answer is ridiculous. Finally, the aesthetics are horrible. It's so plain that it's almost as if it was just thrown together in a day. I just made it through my first lesson of the day and really don't want to do another.

How can I see how many words I have learned?

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