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finnish for hungarian speaker

and other way around?

I am not native speaker or fluent with them to contribute, but it would be interesting to see it around, and maybe useful, if the language it even explained how these languages are similar in some way and differences. easier for a finn to learn hungarian or for a hungarian to learn finnish, if they don't need to use a second language (like english) to learn the language, where the explanation could be harder.

is it possible to find some people who is fluent enough in both language and help this to become a course?

June 5, 2017



There is no Finnish for English speakers course, which means that there won't be a Finnish for Hungarian course for a while after a "Finnish" skill tree is developed for English speakers. This is because there's generally a course for English speakers before it is brought to other languages.


I just wonder if it would be even happening. why there is no english-finnish yet? when I joined the site, I was shocked how there is no any finnish, but there are many language who I might not know where they speak it or even fictional language too now. I thought finnish would be as known as the other nordics

I saw, two years ago they try to get finnish, and I wonder why it is not getting any progress. and why it has to be first into english, before getting two not-english together?


There may not be enough people who have applied to contribute to a course; it could be as simple as that. There isn't any specific order the courses are created in; it depends more on the number and status of the contributors.

It doesn't have to be a course for English speakers first, that's simply how it's been for most of the courses on Duolingo. It isn't always true; Catalan was made for Spanish speakers, not English speakers.


One of the requirements for a course is a dedicated team of 3-4 people. Finnish probably has 3-4 dozen people who have mentioned their application on the forums.


Like I mentioned before, I don't know how courses are launched into the incubator. Likewise, Duolingo probably doesn't accept every person who applies to contribute.


Luis announced it will come. They can't at all languages at the same time. Some languages have different technical challenges, some languages don't have enough contributors, some languages don't have priority. Just keep waiting. Maybe this year it will start. It can take a year or longer to get it into beta.

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