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Multiple changing between different courses - a bug and how to resolve it


I'm learning German from English [I], Spanish from English [II] and I have finished English from Hungarian [III] (just to see how it works and to help others in that course).

I'm on the German course most of the time.

<h1>What I've done (as far as I can remember)</h1>

I've changed from German [I] to English [III] to check out something. As I had multiple tabs opened in Chrome (browsing forums) I changed the course in another tab from German [I] to Spanish [II] to check my progress over there.

When I was done with all this, I closed all Duolingo tabs but one where I wanted to change back to German [I].


I realized that my German tree disappeared completely. It means that only "Basic 1" was active, the others were grayed out.
My levels and point were intact.
I switched to Spanish [II] but that was gone as well.

Bit of panic, then thinking...

<h1>How to restore</h1>

The last working course was Hungarian [III], so I decided to switch back to that. It was OK, all progress was shown correctly.

After that when I switched back to German [I], it was showing up properly (and Spanish as well).

<h1>Conclusion, lesson learned</h1>

Do not multitask in different languages! When changing courses, close all other tabs you may have opened.

<h1>To Do</h1>

I'm not sure if it could be reproduced with 3 other languages if they are all learned from English. I believe this phenomena comes from Duo's separation of base languages (when the site's language is changed).

A more transparent gateway to change learned languages and a rethink of the foundation of this might help. It's up to you DuoStaff!

Anyway, thank you for this excellent service!

March 21, 2014

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In my opinion, the language pairs one is learning should be treated independently of the site language. The user ought to be allowed to configure his or her site language. There is no contradiction in having the site be in Hungarian, for example, and learning Spanish through English at the same time (if for no other reason than Spanish through Hungarian not being available).

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