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  5. "Are un kilolitru de apă."

"Are un kilolitru de apă."

Translation:It has a kiloliter of water.

June 5, 2017



I wonder if a ton of water would work?


A ton is a traditional measure and not always the same in different subject areas and different countries, and it is mostly referring to mass rather then to volume like litres.



Why can't you say 'it is a kilolitre of water' since the answer given it 'it's a kilogram of water'. In the English used where I live (England south) we don't put an apostrophe to shorten 'it has' to 'it's' do I presume this is a US English shortcut?


Any shortening of two words to one requires an apostrophe in British (and presumably American) English. That's why it's wrong to miss it out.


Again in England we have kilolitres.. never heard of a hectolitre until I came on this site!


I have never heard of kilolitres, only of hectolitres (in The Netherlands)


Why he/she (instead of it) is not accepted?


And, even more pressing, how on earth does one know whether "Are" in "Are un kilolitru de apa" refers to "it" (the suggested solution), "he", or "she"? How do you know from the sentence who the "are" refers to? I do not believe that such a construct is possible in English, for example. It would be translated to "has a kilolitru of beer", right? The information on the person is completely missing from that.

Hope it makes sense what I say

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