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Skills needing strengthening very fast

Recently I've had to practice a lot more because many of my skills are becoming ungolded. Normal, right? Not really. Skills that I had practiced the day before were needing strengthening, as well as skills right at the top of the tree. the ones that I learned the day I started Duolingo. Explanations from anyone? Also, to Duolingo, if this is part of your update, this is forcing me to "binge-learn" which is exactly what you didn't want users to do!

June 5, 2017



yeah its getting to be a real pain having to redo Italian skills every hour

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It seems to vary a lot by language. I am also having trouble with keeping Italian golden, at this point I am considering giving up on that since I'm tired of redoing the same lessons over and over, but on the other hand my German tree seems to be quite easy to maintain. Subjectively I think that my knowledge of Italian is quite a bit better than that of German.


yeah my french can stay golden for at least a few days while my Italian can only stay golden for at least an hour


Yep, I have the same problem. It's gotten to the point where I sometimes leave the skills to decay a few days and then do them, but they'll need strengthening a couple hours later (or a day, if I'm lucky, but no longer than that). I always do well on my timed practices (18-20 correct answers) so I really don't get why I apparently have to repeat them so many, many times...


I have the same problem, but on top of that when I exercice an old skill it never goes gold again, however long I do the same phrases again and again. I am at level 15 spanish and everyday I have to redo Basics 2 and it never goes gold. Go figure.


There are several conversations about this problem in the top several dozen threads on the "Popular" listing of the main forum at the moment.

Luis von Ahn replied in one particularly detailed one yesterday saying they weren't sure what was going on and were looking into it.


I have same problem (learning Romanian). Some subjects ungold (nice word, lolegit) daily. and i need to retake them every day again and again. Can this be fixed or reported? Thanks!


Same problem here with Danish. Have to strengthen 10 or more skills per day to keep everything golden, which is extremely time consuming.

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