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"Am luat examenul răspunzând la o întrebare!"

Translation:I passed the exam answering a question!

June 5, 2017


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Is this right? Can it not be "I took the exam..."?


This is a case where literal translations are false friends:

  • If you passed an exam, you would say "am luat examenul" (took) or "am trecut examenul" (passed).
  • If you failed an exam, you would say "am picat examenul" (fell). Or you'd say you didn't pass.
  • If you took an exam, you would say "am dat examenul" (gave) or "am susținut examenul" (sustained).

Not confusing at all, eh? :-)


So from a teacher's perspective, how would you say that the teacher gave an exam?

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Oh wow, haha. Good to know, thanks. I figured that there was a good chance it'd be something like that.


"I passed the exam answering a question." Hard to work out precisely what that means ...

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In cases like this, the gerund takes the meaning of "by (doing something)". If you answer this with "I passed the exam by answering a question" it will accept it as correct. Probably something they should explain in the lesson notes.


-------- i passed the exam by answering ONE question . . .

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