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  5. "It is seven o'clock."

"It is seven o'clock."


June 5, 2017



Why does the TTS read it as しち instead of なな? Applies to all numbers in this lesson.


7 has different readings, such as 「なな」 and 「しち」。 For seven o'clock, the reading 「しち」is used, so it is しちじ. So, while there seem to be quite some wrong readings by the TTS, this one is actually right.

Note: 4 o'clock is よじ instead of よんじ, and 9 o'clock is くじ instead of きゅうじ。The other o'clocks are "regular".


Meanwhile, the Japanese avoid the reading し of the number four, because it is a homophone of the word for 'death'. く (9) is sometimes avoided because it has the same sound as 'pain', but it is irregular in being kept when telling time. The reading なな for seven is preferred when しち is possible to be confused with one (いち) (e.g. over bad-quality phones).


Thank you, that makes things make a lit more sense


Isnt shiniしに death and shi死just the kanji (with ni being in hiragana) which is why bullies would write and say shine(to die).


Shinu means to die shine is command form of a verb base e is a rude form of talking


Never the less they need to be consistent inn a particular lesson. Teach is the exact thing they are teaching us. Don't make it's regurgitate a particular pronunciation for a particular lesson, all the while having Audi attached that doesn't at all match the phonetic we are matching it to. They are doing this even when a particular pronunciation is wrong.


Are you ok Cheryl? :-D


4 and 7 are also pronounced し and しち respectively when counting if I remember correctly. It is also regional to some extent.


Is it a typical form of brackets "" in Japanese you used?


thanks for your information xD


Try Rotating the 七 it looks 7


You are the real MVP!


That's how i remember!


Would it be incorrect to say なな時, or it is used sometimes in the language?


Mine is reading the kanji as nana ji when it should be shichiji


I put in the right answer, but it said it was incorrect. ;(


How come fun is only needed sometimes?


The pattern seems to be that when the word for the number ends in a vowel, you use -fun instead of -pun


I'm very good at time


is there a difference between 7:00 reading as nanaji vs shichiji? I'm a bit confused on that.


It is a bit ambiguous how to correctly say hours and minutes when building the sentence with the way the options are pronounced - since the Voice Over is always なな, even when it seems like しち should be used for the hour in this context...and I start to forget if it should be しち or なな for minutes...

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