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Why'd you start duolingo?

I personally started for school :P and to learn new languages. At school, they learn french and spanish, and the review courses aren't all that. So someone reccomended me to Duolingo, and, yeah. Language learning hasn't been a trouble since! Thanks, Duolingo! What's your reason for starting? Post it down in the comments!

June 5, 2017



When I was little, me and my parents always met tourists around the city and many of them do not know English and they only speak other European languages, I really liked to talk with them in fact my parents send me to languages classes, but Duolingo helped me practice and also learn more effectively.

I always loved Duolingo but now I do not as much as I did before, because many of duolingo's feature went away and nothing happened even it is worse that before it works too slow on my android phone because of adds just I use it on web .

I sometimes feel duolingo seems boring to me now.


Family (Russian/Ukrainian), for fun and because I'm a huge book nerd and love reading (Finnish/Estonian/Italian/French). Learning languages can help your memory according to science and that's one of the million reasons I started learning. I love learning languages and learning about international cultures, etc, etc. But in all reality, just learning because I am planning to travel a lot in the near future and have family that speak Russian and Ukrainian and some Italian.


I started because I thought (and still do of course) that French is a nice language to learn and because my friend is french.


I started for School, but I stayed to help the Duolingo community.


I started for school but then for fun....I have a question are Muslim....cause your username....Sorry if I offended....


I started using Duolingo because it was free and used to be good.


I started in school...then I practiced what Duolingo taught me to my church (since it's a Spanish church) and know I love this site! I would never have learned these languages without Duolingo!


To learn a language.


To work on my long-stalled Russian.


I came here looking for a Finnish course.... I didn't really understand the incubator list at first and registered to hopefully see it then. I ended up learning two new languages in the meantime.


Why Finnish out of curiosity?

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