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My skills aren't strengthening no matter how hard I try

I do my Duolingo on a laptop and I have strengthened irregular plurals 3 times and it had a 3/5 strength when I started and now it has 1/5. I barely peeked. What did I do wrong?

June 5, 2017



I have the exact same problem, that's why I decided to NOT TO DO STRENGHTENING SKILLS, and just continue with my tree.


Same. I progress through my tree then when I'm done go back an strengthen. Unless I'm feeling particularly lazy one day and just strengthen haha.


Sometimes when i encounter that problem it's because I've made too many mistakes and it won't refresh until I get them all. Make sure you take your time also


How did this happen we commented at the same time


You should put this discussion in the trouble shooting forum it will be noticed


I'd recommend the skill strength viewer. At the moment, it's still working for me but I've heard that will change. I do strengthening and/or refresh the lessons based on the percentage shown in the skill strength viewer rather than the number of bars/gilding. If something is 4 bars but 50-something percent, I'm more likely to work on that rather than a skill that is 3 bars but over 99%. I'll also work on skills that have a lower percentage even after getting to 5 bars/gold.



I completed to the end but as I had not kept all them at full strength I am still only 51%. Now I just do strengthen skills. I prefer this somehow.

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