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Japanese on Android

Hi everyone!

I have the latest version of Duolingo on my mobile, but I haven't discovered Japanese on it yet I also do not have gems and health, what's the problem?

June 5, 2017



From the Incubator, it says that "By the middle of next week, all of Android users will have access to the version where you can learn Japanese." So hopefully everyone will have Japanese on their Android device in a few days.

I've been checking my Android device 3 times a day because I'm so excited for it to finally come!

Edit: The Incubator message was posted 4 days ago, not today, so it should come this week.


As far as i know they are rolling out the new android update slowly day by day, for gems and health for now are a iOs exclusive feature


I had an interesting issue that clearing the cache solved.

I got my hands on the updated version for Androids that allowed us to start learning Japanese. Although, this morning, after restarting my phone, it told me to pick a language as is Japanese was never there.

Very confused and annoyed, I checked my updates and then decided to Force Stop & Clear Cache to see if that fixed my issue. Luckily it did.

So you have two options if you don't have Japanese yet: 1) Clear your cache in Settings>Apps 2) Get the reddit version linked in this thread.

I hope this helps.


Are you certain whether the version you updated to was newest version that's been gradually rolling out this week? Is there a possibility maybe you were on an older version when you updated, and that it might have got updated to the version before the roll out one?

I still don't have the roll out version in my Play Store yet. If I were currently on an older version of Duolingo than I am now and looked at the store, then I would see an update is available, but that wouldn't be the roll out one (it would update to the version I'm on now).

You might still have to up to two or three more days for the newest version with the Japanese course to appear in your Play Store. By that point it is supposed to have reached everyone's Play Store. ^^

[deactivated user]

    I am really excited because I logged on the application like an hour ago and Japanese was already there waiting for me. :D It's finally here!!! I am sure you will get it very soon. As for gems, I still don't even know what they look like. I still have my lingots...

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