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"Cette voiture est celle de mon père."

Translation:That car is my father's.

March 4, 2013



C'est la voiture de mon père


'this car is one of my father's' is not accepted.....????


In the example given it is taken for granted that your father has only one car.

If you say "this car is one of my father's", it implies that he has at least 2 cars.


And should it not be "une de mon père" when you imply he has more than one car?


no, we would use an article + a pronoun instead: "cette voiture est l'une de celles de mon père".


I feared it would be like that. Thanks


That's all well and good but 'This car one of my father's' is given as a correct solution. Duo's translations seem to get progressively worse as you go further


Very interesting. Now I know why my french gf is using 'this one' or 'the one that' in english all the time! I was correcting her in the beginning but now I just go with it.. :)


What is wrong with : This car is the one from my father


because I think from is related to "de" and duolingo doesnt like to have too many correct answers... I'm so tired of redoing this lesson, it is really frustrating :/


No, "de" does not mean "from" but "of", my father's car = the car of my father = la voiture de mon père.

The use of "de" is systematic in case of possession.


Seems wordy is this something that would be said


This is my father's car. Yes/No?


I translated voiture as automobile and it was marked wrong! What gives?


Sometimes, instead of "une voiture", French people say "une auto", but never automobile (too long!)


I haven't tried this translation, though there is a similar sentence around Duolingo, but is, "That is my father's car," the wrong translation ? The meaning is exactly the same, just not as wordy as the sentence given. If it's incorrect, why ?


There are often, in English as in French, several ways of saying the same thing. When you learn a new language, you have to know that these exist and you need to understand what the nuances are between variants.

  • c'est la voiture de mon père
  • cette voiture est celle de mon père
  • cette voiture est à mon père
  • cette voiture-ci / cette voiture-là est celle de mon père
  • cette voiture-ci / cette voiture-là est à mon père
  • c'est celle-ci / celle-là la voiture de mon père
  • voici/voilà la voiture de mon père
  • la voiture de mon père, c'est celle-ci / celle-là

Now, to make your life easier, you may consider that the closer the translation from the original version, the better (starting with "that car" = "cette voiture", for ex.)


  • "that is my father's car" is accepted, but not the closest translation to the French sentence proposed here.


Sitesurf, first of all thanks for all your contributions. You work is well appreciated.

Can you help me to understand what nuance that "celle" is adding to this sentence then? From among your two examples that you listed:

cette voiture est celle de mon père cette voiture est à mon père

the second is the one that comes to mind if I were to try and translate from the english to french. Is there a implication of using those words that I am not picking up? Thank you


The position of the verb makes these constructions alternative but different (change of preposition).

The grammatical difference between "cette voiture est celle de mon père" vs "cette voiture est à mon père" is that the first one uses our possessive construction [object possessed + de + owner] and the second one is kind of a short cut to express possession with [object possessed + être + à + owner], when object possessed and owner are not part of the same noun phrase.

Therefore, if you can say "c'est la voiture de mon père" (= this is the car of my father = this is my father's car), you cannot say "c'est la voiture à mon père", nor C'est celle à mon père"


Excellent, merci beaucoup!


"Cette voiture appartient à mon père" is possible also?


the answer that it insisted i use makes absolutely no sense in English. 'that car is the one of my dad' is not something I've ever said myself or have every heard anyone say. 'that car is one of my dad's' (if he has more than one car) or 'that car is my dad's one' if he only has 1 makes far more sense.


this car is the one that belongs to my father... marked wrong...no idea why it would be wrong....

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