Progress test gone? Messaging gone?

Why has the Progress Test option disappeared from the Lingot Store? It was there until recently but a few days ago the PC website changed slightly and I can no longer buy the test. What's more, I seem to no longer be able to send messages to my followed friends. Why is this?

June 5, 2017


I agree I can no longer see my progress test that I had taken before

June 5, 2017

Now that you mention it I can't message the followed friends either.

Welcome to the new Duo, my friend. Some of us have been stuck with it for months.

but you don't have to change so suddenly if you lacked these features from the beginning

DuoLingo just moved you to the new site. It's much different and without the streams.

They said that they'd make a new messaging system.

They've been taking away a lot of features to "improve" the site somehow I guess...

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