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"Wollen wir zuerst nach mein Hause gehen ? "

I don't understand why verb wollen is used in that question . Wollen means to want sth . But the question here sounds strange ..I mean I can translate it in English but not literal translation so My question is when is wollen used like this ? Normally I'd say "Ich will zuerst nach mein Hause gehen " . or if I want to make it sound like a suggestion for us , I will say "Sollen wir zuerst nach mein Hause gehen ?" and this sounds like there is a necessity to go back at home . If it is just a suggestion without a necessity "Können wir zuerst nach mein Hause gehen ? " After a little thinking , the last one ain't a suggestion , it is more of asking about the possibility of going back home

So when to use wollen like this ? Is it to make a suggestion for a group using a Ja\Nein Frage without a specific necessity ?

Help please !

Thanks in advance

June 5, 2017



This sentence is actually wrong - "nach mein Hause" totally doesn't work. Wollen wir zuerst zu mir nach Hause gehen? is a correct option (there are other possibilities).

I realise that this wasn't your question, but I felt that needed clearing up. Now, as for the "wollen" part - just think of it as equivalent to "Wanna (= want to) go to my house first?"


Wanna ... Got it ! Thanks but is it possible to explain to me why you added zu mir ?


You can take the house part out altogether - Wollen wir zu mir gehen? Colloquially, "Wir gehen zu mir" implies that we are going to my house. It's just how native speakers say it. Try and get used to this construction, if you have German friends or are planning on having them, then you will come across this a lot.


Do we want to go to my house first -- seems like this is the meaning.


Thanks ! (Y) but "wanna" is easier ..Think about it :)

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