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My Weekly XP Problem

I have two other friends on Duolingo, and I usually get the most of the XP recorded. This past Saturday, I had 30 XP, and I was supposed to get 20. The next day I looked at the weekly competition of me and my friends, and it said I had 0 XP! I figured it must have been a glitch, so I refreshed the browser. But it still said it! I figured something was wrong with my computer, so I refreshed it, and looked back at the website. Same result. This is really disappointing because my parents check if I have XP, and I got grounded. I've had annoying issues like this before, but this one by far is the worst! Is there anyway you can fix the mistake so I can tell my parents I actually DID practice?

June 5, 2017



Wow. That's a problem. I have related experiences of groundings because of the lack of school. As for your XP problem... I am not quite sure I know how to fix this. If it doesn't get fixed, I would keep trying to convince your parents. Show them this discussion as well. Because, if you aren't one to try and go through all the trouble of proving your innocence when you are actually guilty, and your parents know you: You may have luck in convincing them and changing their mind.


Hi, this is Vanessa Mathis, Nyah's mother. I've taken her off her groundings, and I thank you Jack for giving my daughter so much good advice. For that, you deserve a lingot. (Don't tell Nyah)


Haha ok. I kind of felt bad because I know how it feels. Duolingo does quite often glitch out. You're welcome as well. I try and help whenever possible.


Here's a lingot back. I'm glad you understand what happened.


Since you gave a lingot you can have one. Here you go


U seem awesome so I'll give you a lingot!


Thanks for being awesome! Have a lingot!


I've had that happen to me before. Every Tuesday for school we have to get at least 20 XP. If we don't, we miss recess. I had 50 XP, but the Leaderboard said I had 0! My teacher was surprised because I always reach the goal. I told her what happened and she understood. I would just explain to your parents that there was a glitch. Tell them that you did your lessons. They should understand what happened.

Good luck and happy learning!

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