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Really displeasing update

These recent updates that Duolingo has done have not helped the learning experience in any way. Rather, it is now boring!!! No sounds No reviews after tests Fewer lessons I guess No more availability of vocabulary practice Worst of all, NO MORE VERB CONJUGATION TABLES. That is really crippling and saddening!!!

Please, bring back the former features to Duolingo. I prefer them. Please, Please and PLEASE!!!

June 5, 2017



I believe that most of those are only temporarily lost due to glitches caused by switching over to the new website. They will most likely be fixed before too long.


There's a new website?


Pretty much. It still basically looks the same, but the code has been completely rewritten and a few changes made.


Duo seems to have suddenly become much more difficult. Since completing four trees I have kept them all "gold" by revising every day, but now it seems that is not going to be possible, since Duo is much stricter in picking up typos.

Typing fast in a timed revision it is easy to make a slip in the English spelling, and in the past these were usually forgiven. This was quite right in my opinion since spelling mistakes in English are irrelevant to my language learning. Now it seems that even one or two mistakes means that I have to do the whole exercise again, with it taking me three, four or five times to get it right. That is far too frustrating and if it is not changed I will no longer be able to keep the trees golden, and will give up.


I have to admit that Duo did the right thing just now when it marked "beatles" wrong as a translation for "die Käfer", though. What can I say: I'm a music junkie!


Nice one! In Clozemaster, an example sentence actually refers to "The Beatles" .. it has a cool way of handling this (by option set on by default) it tells you 1 or 2 letters off, let's you look and fix your text.


As a native English speaker, it is relevant that your spelling is correct. English is a very odd language (as we are all aware) and spelling words incorrectly can lead to misunderstandings.


no matter what language, typos are both annoying and important. I think that Duo used to accept (some) typos if there was no word using the same spelling in the dictionary. Both writing and listening are important parts of learning a language and I was always a bit irritated when they accepted wrong spelling in the correct answer.


Typos in English are not relevant to my learning of French, German, Italian and Spanish. When taking a timed test it is easy to make a couple of slips - and making me repeat tests because of typos is very unhelpful.


Nope, marking an answer incorrect in English because some yank, thinks memorise is spelt with a z, or because I wrote splet rather than spelt, does NOTHING to help German or Spanish learning. People learning English, would need to spell correctly and get used to writing I instead of i, but DL doesn't do that, does it? In fact I have found mistakes in my Spanish have been forgiven in new ways, like you missed a space "medio" instead of "me dio" and another error where an s was needed at end of word, with next word starting with s. It decided to mark it correct .. I reported a bug


Is it due to typos though?

I've noticed the problem with practice being much less effective now too.

I've been offered the same skills in "practice" several days in a row, even though I've been gilding them every time. Seems that stuff that I've revised yesterday needs revising more than stuff that I've learned a week ago.

At least stuff that was gold for a long time already is not becoming ungilded that fast.


Yeah you are right!!! It seems impossible to go beyond a particular skill in "Strengthening Skills"


Yeha I am very disappointed.


Yes, this update is a downgrade. But the main things remain (learning languages), and if this keeps Duolingo alive, then we can go through this.


But it has become a less interesting experience, I guess


But there's better options, I only use DuoLingo for part of my app based learning. I am cancelling my subscription due to this debacle.


I really don't understand what's the point of these updates... they are just destroying Duolingo more and more...


You're right. It has become boring trying to learn new stuff and maintain the golden status of your previous skills. I'm tempted to start completely ignoring whether things are golden or not and just try to keep track of what I know and need to practice myself. The golden thing has become impractical and has slowed down my learning to a snail's pace.


Totally agree. I've also given up giving a single cough about the golden status. Otherwise, there's just no time left for learning new stuff :/


Amen brother.


The same thing in Spanish (from French). Bring back the conjugations!


I am a little confused about the "trees" being talked about.... but yes I think the "updates" are very dissapointing. The thing that made duolingo fun for me was to just hear the sounds, and the green little owl named Duo. But now, with no sounds and on my computer the owl doesn't even come up anymore, it is getting boring. But hey, it is still better than Rosetta Stone in my opinion


I use Duo almost everyday and I havent noticed anything. Can someone explain what's going on thanks


Same here. The only issue I have is about three weeks ago, the verbal exercises started saying the phrase twice (answering for itself) and then grading its own answer. Sounds nice except when it marks itself wrong and I don't have a chance to make my own mistakes.


Dear Duo, You should probably leave the old trees alone when you build new trees. Let those who are doing the old trees finish them and do the new trees IF they want to. I had reached German midway and was looking to complete the entire tree by the end of 2020.

You can also do some kind of mapping from the old tree to the new one where repeated lessons will automatically get done if the user wishes it. Also do some version control - Like for example you could name the new German Tree as German while renaming the old one as German 2016.

People like completing their plans especially if they were running on schedule. Please don't screw it up for us.


I don't understand what are you talking about. What tables? No sounds?


I think if you use the desktop version of the site, then they have information at the end of the lesson or something. I never used that version until recently, so never had that information anyway, which was really aggravating the first year. I didn't know it was in the "full version", so was using Memrise to do that until the vocabulary was just too different that it was just slowing me down trying to do too much.

Recently I started using the desktop version and occasionally have seen the page. Since I'm just strengthening now, I don't see it often.


I am using desktop version and have never used mobile one, but still I rarely see his "information" you are talking about. I am not sure if we are even thinking of the same thing. Since we are both learning German, do you remember one of the earlier lessons where you saw these things so I can check it out? Tnx


I believe it's stuff like this he is referring to. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Verbs%3A-Perfect-1 https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Basics-1

But I notice that it suggests you use some other source (very bottom) for full conjugation. If this isn't the type of page he's talking about, then I never saw it before it was removed.


I also thought at first he is referring to tables you just linked. They appear normally to me. Maybe we both didn't saw these things before they were removed. How long did it took you to get to level 25? Have you finished the tree?


I finished the tree WAY before I got to level 25. Probably because I tested out of a lot of lessons at first. Then I did go back and do them anyway, but clearly it didn't mean I was starting from scratch (lived in Vienna 45 years ago for a year). Since levels are based on points more than actual knowledge and since those points are based on time studying if you don't do immersion or a lot of discussion, then that took a while. After you reach level 25 and finish your tree, you still get more words, so then your goal is more about adding words and increasing your fluency score. For others it's about adding another language on Duolingo, but not me. To me it's about speaking fluently and increasing my vocabulary in the one language. So, the fact that fluency scores are nuts and the Words page both locks up and has a lot of words that are stuck as "not practiced" when they in fact were practiced a thousand times is a much bigger deal. Plus the site has begun doing my verbal exercises FOR ME.

I think Duolingo is nice practice for a language, but to understand what you are doing grammatically and all the conjugations, etc. you need more. Because the tips are helpful (wish I'd known they existed before), but they aren't really that well laid out. I feel my learning is relying heavily on my old schooling from decades ago, with just the daily repetition helping to build my "ear" and some short cuts in my brain so I don't spend as much time thinking about what to say, but do the more instant "knowing" that comes with use. I looked at Hungarian briefly on Duo, a language I know nothing about, and ran. I can't imagine picking up a new language this way.


Just some weeks back, you could click on a verb in a sentence and you would see its conjugation.


The levels are an indication of how many xp you've gained, ie volume of work. Without testing out, I finished the tree and 45 days later and a lot of repetition to maintain the old fluency score, I am only at 19 still.

Fluency was a rough indicator of amount of language learnt and ability. I completed Spanish tree before day 90 in DuoLingo and my level was probably only around 12 or 13, I don't really know as I never paid much attention to it. The slower you go, the more XP you will have to have earned before you can finish the course, assuming you maintained the tree at max. strength regularly.

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