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tiny card in Chinese

check out my tiny cards https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/b33dbcc3-c1da-4910-b0ab-c8160716725c I got some short phases in English and Chinese. So, if you have time, check out the tiny card. If you like it, add to your favorites for the latest updates. If not and that is okay. If you saw some bugs and thinks I need to fix it, just leave a comment below.

June 5, 2017



Great deck, but it would probably be wise to remove the audio from the Chinese part since the American voice completely butchers the pronunciation/tones.


Agreed; the audio is worse than useless. No-one is going to understand 'woe dumming zee she...'!


well, that is a good Idea. I only wanted to try with the audio and that doesn't seen work out so great. But thank you for your advice.


No tones! What dialect is this?


I all ready added the tones, you can check it out now.

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