several issues

Graph representation of weekly progress looks often like this:

Number of comments in sentence discussion doesn't match the number indicating how many of them are there:

Yesterday I got this screen couple of times even though just before I started my practice the skill was at 4 bars. (same as the picture)

I assume this was happening because you are trying to make bonus skills an integral part of our vocabulary.

I don't think this is an issue, but it really shocked me. :) I thought a bug occurred and by doing one Italian lesson all of my skills were strengthened.

This thing happened only once when I was refreshing an Italian skill. Somehow my profile got switched back to learning German in the midst of my Italian practice.

Probably because i had several tabs opened or maybe I opened my android app and switched the language from Italian to German, who knows.

March 21, 2014

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Hi! Thanks for your thorough report with screenshots! So, the first graph issue is a bug that we're working on getting fixed. I'll look into the comment number in threads issue that you shared. The skill strengthening of bonus skills and the strengthening of all skills by doing one lesson is also getting revised (there is an issue there!).

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