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While I am waiting for the Japanese course...

I still don't have the Japanese course for Android (they say it will be ready in two or three days, we will see).

In the meantime, I couldn't help but start the "English from Japanese" tree today, here on Duolingo.

To my surprise (I am completely new to Japanese, except for just the last four or five days that I've been doing some tinycards for Hiragana and Katakana) I could go through the first 15-20 lessons (4 or 5 first skills) quite comfortably, and I could kind of get a taste of Japanese at last.

I liked what I saw (of course, it is just the very beginning of that tree), to the point that I may go on with that tree too, even if the "Japanese from English" tree finally comes out for Android this week (I may do the two of them simultaneously, as I have done with so many other "direct" and "reverse" trees pairs here on Duolingo).

So for those of you that (like me) still don't have the (long awaited) "Japanese from English" tree, you may have a look at the "English from Japanese" tree that is already available (on the web version too), because you may like it!.

June 6, 2017



Thank you! I might, in fact, begin the English from Japanese skill tree to get a taste for the language; I can hardly wait for Japanese to launch into beta!


Thanks for the info! I was so tempted to try out the Japanese to English tree, but I decided to hold off. Maybe if the English to Japanese lessons aren't available on my Android phone this week, I will try it out. Have fun learning Japanese!! :-)


I just got the Japanese Tree for Android today (check the Playstore for updates)


I finally got it an hour ago!


Perhaps move this to the Japanese topic/forum. There are probably lots of useful resources listed there as well.

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