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Which city to choose , Christchurch or Auckland?

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Hello, my name is Petri and I have intent to go to New Zealand to study English, but I have a doubted. What city to choose, I am in doubt between Christchurch and Auckland. At first moment I had plan to go to Christchurch, I like the city peaceful, warm people, I work with construction so I think is possible to find a work in this area and is plan, so I could cycling to school and work. But a lot of agency in Brazil recommended Auckland, because have many schools and with more quality, other thing is about a big city could give more opportunity for work, and a plus is that I like sailing boats, however I probably have no time for do that now LOL, and if all agencies recommended Auckland, it is meaning that have a lot of Brazilians in Auckland, and I avoid Brazilians LOL, I want to know about the country, the culture and speak English, I don't want to speak Portuguese and talk about How I miss Brazilian food LOL.

In resume, I am afraid that I will lost good school if I don't choose Auckland, or I will miss a opportunity to work with construction if I don't go to Christchurch.

If someone that lives in one of this cities could help me with my decision I will be grateful.

4 years ago

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New zealand is a fantastic and smart choice actually. I like that country. Both cities are great, Christchurch is obviously smaller and quieter than Auckland, but both are great. And don't trust the agencies completely, because they sometimes have some business with particular language schools, so they strive to get you to the school they want regardless of the teaching quality to make money. So you should read about the best schools out there not which city. Anyway, both are great to learn English. If you want to study more than 3 months, I recommend to study in the two cities.

4 years ago