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Duolingo on iOS is switching between the Lingots/no health system and Gems/with Health...

On my apple device (iOS) Duolingo swapped today from the GEM system back to Lingots. Now I don't have the "health" system to work with but I'm back to the original practice with no regard for health.

Not that I mind either way, just confused as to what's happening to the program and hoping I don't lose my progress .. maybe I can save it?

Thanks for any input.. haven't seen any official DUOLINGO comments/posts and I haven't updated the app. (none available)

June 6, 2017



Hopefully they've decided to stop lying and scamming their users and find a better way to go about funding, like donations. -_-


How are they scamming us? I mean, Duolingo is completely free, unless for Streak Repair and buying Gems (ew, no) but otherwise, it's free. Forever.


I still have gems and health on iOS, so it's not a universal change. Japanese still seems to have lingots and no health, but Spanish and Portuguese do on the app. However, it's still lingots on the website.


Mine reverted back to Lingots with no gems ... Will it stay this way? What am I missing?

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