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Losing Bonus Skill?

I recently bought both Flirting and Esperanto Culture from the lingots store and now only Flirting shows up. It also still shows Esperanto Culture as "equipped" in the store. Is this a technical problem? I could access the bonus skill yesterday.

June 6, 2017



As an addendum, I rectified the "greyed out" EO Culture skill by accessing it via the url I used yesterday and completing one lesson. It now appears normally.


I also bought a bonus skill a couple of days ago and went to use it today but it is no longer there. Tried to buy it again as I have lots of lingots but nothing happened. It is not showing as equipped on the store page.


I, too, have the greyed out Eo Culture issue. What is the direct URL to access it and I'll try that?


I have the same. I bought Bonus Skills and now I dont have them :( how can I find them?

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