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The worst change from the update yet: The strengthen noise is GONE!!

There are definitely a lot of crappy after effects because of the update, but by far the worse is that the celebratory sound when you strengthen a skill is gone. The horror...oh...the horror. Alas, my self esteem will suffer without that triumphant celebratory tune.

(And also the tab stops don't work anymore). (Also words aren't strengthening properly anymore). (Also now it takes a full round of timed practice to strengthen just one word in that skill, resulting in repeated question busywork).

June 6, 2017



Aaaaaand it's back :) Thanks for the report!


thank you!!! Go Duolingo, um... um... um... website writers! (is that what you're called?)


yea every time I try to strengthen my skills at the end I hear "da-da-ba-dumm!" and I'm waiting expectantly and instead of "daaa-duuuum!" I hear: " ." so frustrating!! I always feel like there's something missing.


Obviously there should be a switch where you can choose between the "daaa-duuum!" and some other noice. Totally unrelated but you can actually listen to a song on Youtube with all sounds come from Windows XP and Windows 98, called "Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!"


hmm. I'll give it a try


mine SFX doesn't work on my COMPUTER though. D:<


You're right! The celebratory sound is quite important. I just strengthened three skills, and listened to it. On a laptop, that is, not a phone.


Someone needs to record that sound and put it available on soundcloud or somewhere for those who miss it :D


I was thinking the same thing. But, I didn't know a place to complain except the App store.


Presume that it is a bug from the current website rewrite, and follow the official advice: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


Unfortunately, the second presumption that someone will read or address your bug report appears to be false. Not only do they assert upfront that they won't respond to you, but none of the reported bugs from the update have been fixed (that I've seen). In fact, the generic form letter they respond with is nearly offensive in its apathy (IMO).

Which leads to the third invalid presumption, that they extensively tested before rollout...

But hey, Duolingo is welcome to prove me wrong by fixing things! The increase in Forum activity since the update would be a good clue that things are messed up all over...


Heya CittadinoDuo, how are you doing? OK, so good news is, this bug was fixed, as have many others reported since the website was updated. I hope you understand that, unfortunately, we do not have enough dedicated staff to respond to the large volume of individual bug reports/emails we get through that channel, but the fact that users take the time to send them is is extremely valuable to us, as we detect report patterns quickly and get the bugs assessed and fixes prioritized based on urgency. So we hope everyone keeps sending us details about disruptive bugs, even though they aren't likely to receive a personalized response to their specific report... thanks to all who report!


That's because there isn't a place to complain, except the forums. And good luck reporting bugs - maybe that feature broke in the update too! LOL


i know the update was so crap

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