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How do people with speech difficulties work with more difficult languages?

My brother has a speech difficulty which means he can't really speak English that well. But despite what you think, it's quite interesting. For example, instead of saying "tomorrow" he says "after bed". But then I started thinking, English has no grammatical gender, simple verbs and no cases. Even little things like how plurals can be formed with just an -s. But what if we spoke Polish with its complex case system, German with its complex word order or Turkish with a system of joining words together using vowel harmony? Does anyone know how children function with more complex grammar?

June 6, 2017



"Does anyone know how children function with more complex grammar?"

Children learn grammatically complex languages the same way as they do less complex ones- practice, listening and correction from other speakers. A Polish child has no more difficulty learning their mother tongue than a Swedish child does.


Does he stutter? There are techniques for that, or so I've noticed in people who have that difficulty. He could find out what those techniques are, apply them, and then not having to flinch at words such as 't-t-to-tomorrow' if this is his problem. You didn't say what his difficulty consisted of.


No, he's autistic and have difficulties with actually learning language along with some other problems too. He doesn't stutter but just gets confused. For example, he finds it difficult to get across meaning. I'm just wondering, how would a language (like Russian) affect his speech. How would he work with things like "voda", "vodu", "vody" etc.?


Maybe he should learn Esperanto? It has clear rules, and that could suit someone on the autism spectrum. Nice hobby too, if you like languages, and let people get in touch with others all around the globe. Maybe it could help learning other languages, particularly the ones borrowed from when creating Esperanto.


Sounds very nice, thanks for the idea. But my parents would be worried he would get confused :)

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