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How to revert to previous egg-situation

Yesterday I tried to take a major shortcut, and with just pure luck I ended up "goldening" almost 11 eggs at once. Now I feel like I cheated. I never thought I could pass so many levels at once. Is there any way I can go back to my previous situation ?

June 6, 2017



You will have to strengthen them soon enough anyway with the current decay rate, so don't worry!


Yes I noticed eggs that have been "shortcutted" decay faster


It isn't directly possible. (As far as I know.)

A work around (which loses your progress, XP and level) is to reset the tree then test out of just the checkpoints and skills up to the point you want to be at.

An (imperfect) alternative is to accept it as it is, but spend some time revising the 11 or so skills, or working through the lessons in them, but then you are reliant on memory or notes to start up at the right place each day.


Or as a compromise, wait for those topics to decay and then do the strengthening lesson only.

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