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"Voi celebrați Paștele în Brazilia?"

Translation:Do you celebrate Easter in Brazil?

June 6, 2017



I think that in a correct English we have to put the auxiliary "do" before...(Do you celebrate...)


Nobody says that in Romania ...but " voi sărbătoriți Paştele în Brazilia?" is the same thing and commonly used...."Paştile" is also correct.


"Paștile" este un regionalism


I am sorry that I have to contradict you...if you look in DEX, both forms are accepted ( Paşte and Paşti), but...the church recognizes only the form Paşti...so if you talk to a priest he might try to correct you if you say "Paşte" ( especially if he's an old priest, a young one might let it slide). Over the years town people became less and less religious( except old people that have a lot of time on their hands ).Towns are usually filled with young people working, leaving the old people back home in the rural areas. " Country folks " are more religious than " city people" therefore they use the right terms that the church taught them...therefore the fake belief that "Paşti" is a regionalism. If we do want to pick a regionalism, we should pick " Paşte" it's more of a city word and one that church considers wrong. The church prefers " Paşti" because it comes from the plural of " pască" which is " paşti". PS...I just wanted to try to clarify how the things are standing with the " Paşti" form of the religious celebration...but all this comes from a city person ...so I also like to use " Paşte" ;)

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