"Voi celebrați Paștele în Brazilia?"

Translation:Do you celebrate Easter in Brazil?

June 6, 2017

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    Nobody says that in Romania ...but " voi sărbătoriți Paştele în Brazilia?" is the same thing and commonly used...."Paştile" is also correct.


    "Paștile" este un regionalism

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      I am sorry that I have to contradict you...if you look in DEX, both forms are accepted ( Paşte and Paşti), but...the church recognizes only the form Paşti...so if you talk to a priest he might try to correct you if you say "Paşte" ( especially if he's an old priest, a young one might let it slide). Over the years town people became less and less religious( except old people that have a lot of time on their hands ).Towns are usually filled with young people working, leaving the old people back home in the rural areas. " Country folks " are more religious than " city people" therefore they use the right terms that the church taught them...therefore the fake belief that "Paşti" is a regionalism. If we do want to pick a regionalism, we should pick " Paşte" it's more of a city word and one that church considers wrong. The church prefers " Paşti" because it comes from the plural of " pască" which is " paşti". PS...I just wanted to try to clarify how the things are standing with the " Paşti" form of the religious celebration...but all this comes from a city person ...so I also like to use " Paşte" ;)


      I think that in a correct English we have to put the auxiliary "do" before...(Do you celebrate...)


      "Are you celebrating Easter in Brazil?", was not accepted.

      [deactivated user]

        Even though your answer is correct, maybe they meant the question to be a general one, one that you can ask all year round and also a question that you can ask if you don't know if Brazil is a Christian country or not...by using Present Conditions (-ing) it implies that people in Romania are celebrating Easter NOW, at this moment, and you are curious if Brazilians are celebrating Easter in the same time...and it also implies that you already know that Brazilians are Christians and just wonder if they are Orthodox. :)

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