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I am not gonna write too much this time. I saw a sentence ''this tastes bad''. I should use ''kore''. but in another sentence appears ''This is the cafeteria'' it uses ''koko''. Which should I use and when?

June 6, 2017



これ means "this thing"

ここ means "this place"

Those are demonstrative pronouns, to replace a noun. If you just want to use "this" as a demonstrative adjective with a noun, use この


Apparently there is a different "this" in Japanese when used with a noun, or alone (referencing to a noun) i.e. this is ..../this cafetaria is ... Also there is a difference when referring to things or places (e.g. ここ). It is explained here better then I'm able to do so I recommend you have a look at that site =)

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