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what is den?

Things were working out fine until I found a sentence which has the word "den". Please explain how the word "den" works. THANK YOU

June 6, 2017



It's the masculine accusative or dative plural word for 'the'. You'll learn all about these terms and how the German case system works as you progress thdough the course.

If you're using the app, I highly recommend switching to the web version instead. It features a lot of grammar tips and notes before most lessons.


Thank You so much!!! You're such a great help!


If I'm correct, this is the case table. (credit to paralars1 for a bit of it) Duo


Akkusativ neuter is "Das". Also it's a bit misleading to write object for Akkusativ and prepositions for Dativ, because both cases are used for both objects and prepositions.

To be exact, Akkusativ is for direct objects and prepositions of direction, while Dativ is for indirect objects and prepositions of location


Ah okay, thanks. I'll edit that now.


Masculine accusative and dative plural form of "the". As Mr_Eyl said, do switch to the web version. The tips notes are great

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