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A Twitter for Duolingo's funny and outrageous sentences

For your reading pleasure: https://twitter.com/shitduosays

The tweets provide both languages, so you can learn a questionable phrase each day! And definitely feel free to suggest good ones in the comments here or by tweeting @shitduosays :)

March 4, 2013



A couple I remember from Italian:

You are not a man, I am a man - Tu non sei un uomo, io sono un uomo

I eat your duck - Io mangio la tua anatra

I speak with the turtle - Io parlo con la tartaruga

I have a snake in my boot - Ho un serpente nello stivale


You made my day! I won't stop laughing till late night!!!


I had a great one. "The fish does not like you" - "Der Fisch magt Sie nicht"


I got "esta bomba puede matar a muchos gentes" [this bomb can kill many people] and a lot of very revolutionary statements in Spanish.. Is Duo trying to tell me something?


I think you meant "esta bomba puede matar a mucha gente", "gente" is fem, and it's only used in plural when you're referring to ethnias. It's usually used in singular, it's a "sustantivo colectivo" (collective noun?), that is, a word in singular that refers to a group of something. Like "forest": a group of trees. Viva la revolución, y suerte con el español.


Haha, that's awesome :)


The best one yet: "You are the man behind the curtain"

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