Timed Practice and Strengthen Skills Broken - Bug

No matter how much I use the general timed practice on the main page, it repeats the same single skill and does not strengthen it! It is incredibly frustrating and has put me off duolingo all together, as this is the way I usually like to keep my skills gold. I don't think non-timed practice works either.

All I get after finishing a lesson is an ad for tiny cards and some other duolingo program. I do get XP from timed practice.

EDIT: I get this issue in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

June 6, 2017


I'm not certain if your issue correlates with the current issue many of the users are experiencing as well or a different one altogether; so, in case your issue is what I'm assuming are, then I'll give you what I currently know about your issue or the site's current issue if it's in that case.

As what I've understood in your post (just to clarify), even if you've already finished the strengthen skill test in the main page, the strength bar stays stagnant. If this is the case, It might be a browser/s or internet issue.

Try these:

-clear cache and cookies in each browser then restart the browser, don't forget to log back in; this way will delete any buggy saved page memory from duolingo.

-if it does not work and on a PC, try opening .cmd (command prompt) as administrator and try flushing your DNS by typing "ipconfig /flushdns" (without the "), this resets your PC's network to reduce congestion from incoming data.

-if all fails, try resetting your device (turn off and on) and return to the site and check back again.

*more info @ (troubleshooting tab)

-if nothing works, I suggest you file a report @

If my first assumption wasn't correct then might I guess that you're also experiencing what plenty of users are currently experiencing. In this case, you keep cycling through the most basic categories everyday since the categories you've just worked on the other day got their status de-gilded (not gold anymore).

Unfortunately, this isn't a bug nor a glitch but an implementation; a new "feature" added as part of an A/B test to see what would work best for both users and developers (more info here:

I honestly think that this new update wouldn't be implemented in the final version since this "feature" demands you to have more time in duolingo (albeit unintended or it may be) to review, which most people with a busy schedule will have an issue, instead of just picking the categories the system detects you're weakest at, with words from other categories thrown in, and tests it to you. The main purpose of Strengthening skills in the main page is to test you your weakest topics with efficiency and effectiveness. If people who don't have enough time needs to review everything from the beginning, most likely they will just be over-saturated with the most basic words while forgetting the more advanced words. Manually reviewing each category isn't as effective since there would be words or categories that you'll be missing without the help of the system's algorithm and learning patterns. If they implemented this "feature" as the main algorithm in the coming versions, Duolingo should just remove the main strengthen skill feature since it doesn't deliver as what it was intended for, a quick and efficient way to study lessons you're weak at.

Here are some users who are experiencing same issues like yours (if my latter assumption is correct):

June 6, 2017

Just one clarification: the thread from the Duolingo staffer is about an experiment that ended, not one that was beginning.

June 6, 2017

hmm, I see, so every user is currently having this "feature"?

I've discussed with other users and they have a different issue where health and gems are implemented in their accounts instead of having this issue, so here I thought it still is continuing up to this day. Strange.

June 7, 2017

Thank you so much for the time, although unfortunately none of these suggestions worked. I'm not sure if it's relevant or if this is just a new duolingo thing but there is no longer a strength bar beside the strengthen skills button. Any further suggestions?

June 7, 2017

Hmm... Maybe, you're one of the testees who are currently in on the current A/B test that I'm unknown about. This might be caused in response to the current commotion happening in duolingo.

My best bet is to report this in the report a bug page (most likely under account issues) and wait for a day. If no reply was given in your linked email inbox within 24 hours, try again.

June 7, 2017

Issues with a single skill not strengthening pop up from time to time. Normally I think they occur when a user is using the practice option for a specific skill. The standard way to resolve the issue is to redo the constituent lessons. There are sentences in them that just don't come up in practice sessions, (I really don't know why this is and certainly wish it were different) so a single word or two that's not coming up can keep the whole skill from getting back to gold.

It's possible the whole-tree strengthen option could get hung up in the same way I suppose.

June 6, 2017
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