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Health and gems.

I've been reading a lot of comments regarding the new health and gems update. More the health part then the gems. There are people that don't care for it; Some that think it's okay; A couple that like/love it; and some that flat out dislike it. All mostly due to the, "losing health if I get a question wrong." It's being thought of as a punishment. I am not saying it's awesome. I am not saying it's terrible or bad. I am not saying anything, but furthermore addressing all of you on this matter.

I just recently listened to the song (not for the first time) "Try everything," and coming to a certain part in the lyrics made me think about something pertaining to losing "health."

A lot of people have addressed the issue about not only losing health, but getting a question wrong in general, when you were never even taught the word that you incorrectly translated. I never used to agree on that tactic, and still don't on a 100% level. However, I have pushed myself to see the things I don't necessarily agree to in a new way. The matter on which I addressed to you just now has been happening for a long time. Only recently has the comments due to the "health" update been coming into play: Obviously because the health and gems have just recently been being released to users.

However, I urge, encourage and support all users to at least try and see these things in a new perspective. Yes, we all have opinions, and I encourage opinions to be shared, especially when it regards a matter pertaining to the changes and updates being made to a site. Thus, if we are going to complain, or share our opinions, we need at least try the things we don't agree with everyway possible to try and see it in our liking and taste first.

Going back to the lyrics of "Try everything:" In the chorus of the song, the words "No one can learn without getting it wrong," come up. I agree with this, but what am I implying this too? It doesn't solve the problem. Of course, mistakes are a part of life. Mistakes will be made, but they will help you grow. They will help you stay on track by remembering the wrong you made, and righting that wrong. Think of a wrong answer darkness, and the right answer light. Light is nothing without the dark. For without the dark, light would mean nothing to us. It would be taken for granted. You may think that a world without the darkness, a world where you could not be blinded by the dark, is a good thing. In truth, the darkness helps. The darkness corrupts, but only those that let it corrupt them. Darkness, evil, is what helps us to persevere. It’s what helps us learn to get back up when we have fallen, or to strengthen ourselves when we have become weak from it.

A lot of you will think "Sure." "If I get an answer wrong, I'll work hard to memorize that word and get it right next time." But you are also thinking that I am pertaining to words you already know. If you don't already know them then what I just said is stupid. You should know them before you get it wrong. This goes back to what I said in a different discussion. Different learning styles for different people. It may work on some people while on others, it just plain stinks. Thus, leading to what I said earlier. Try it in different ways. Look at it from a different angle. Think of it as a challenge. When you lose health or get a question wrong, work extra hard to prove duo wrong. Prove that you actually know this stuff.

I read in a different discussion about changing the title of "Health," might help. I agree on the matter. Changing it to energy, or something similar might change the play of the game. There are plenty of sites that do this. Games as well. However, maybe reversing the source would work too. Maybe lose health for how well that you do. After a couple lessons, your health, or energy is pretty low, it's because you did super well. Working hard to get things right, or even after working hard and getting it wrong, takes away energy. Using health for this matter doesn't seem quite right. Health pertains to your physical being. As well does energy, but losing health can be related to dying. So as you get questions wrong, you are dying. Energy wouldn't be as bad.

I am just addressing several different points, and asking everyone to challenge themselves to look at things in a different perspective. Not one thing or another. Rather, everything at once.


June 6, 2017



Paragraphs are our friend. ; )


lol, I used paragraphs while I was writing it. It didn't add them when I posted.


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It may be of interest to note that "Health" for trees from Spanish and Portuguese is actually "energy."

Regarding "try everything," I sometimes learn by checking if answers I think are wrong are actually wrong, as well as trying to see if I know how to correctly formulate less common ways of saying something (all eight ways to say "you" in Portuguese for example, and their various grammatical accouterments) and that they're included in the system, as they're supposed to be. Obviously, health chokes off the first modality, as it applies even when you've already completed a lesson. And the number of times a valid version is actually missing, even for courses long out of beta, can be stunning.

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