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"Một ai đó đã ăn cái bánh của tôi trong tủ lạnh!"

Translation:Someone ate my cake in the refrigerator!

June 6, 2017



Eating a cake in the refrigerater poses problems of suffocation and hypothermia. "That was in the refrigerater" is more coherent in English.


At least they aren't making us write "I am a refrigerator" anymore


Or took my cake from...


I have visions of someone climbing into the fridge and pulling the door closed behind them, then trying to find my cake. If I try to translate this I would come up with "ai đó trong tủ lạnh đã ăn bánh của tôi." It can't be corrected. It is just a phrase we would not use to describe taking my cake from the fridge and eating it.


As a native English speaker. I read this as:- someone ate cake in the refrigerator.

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