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Am I the Only One Finding Myself Having to Strengthen Things More Frequently?

After this update that duolingo just had, a lot of my exercises aren't staying gold for as long. I seem to be having to strengthen things that are near the basics level when I way further down the tree. It isn't stuff I need to revisit because I revisit them during the lessons I'm already doing. It's not just that, but they all seem to be needing strengthening more frequently, it makes it difficult to find time to actually progress. Anyone else having an issue like this? I believe I've seen some people talking about it.

UPDATE: It seems skills can be strengthened in new lessons. I did the Swedish prepositions lesson while my verbs 1 was weak (5/5 weakness, but not gold) and I came back to see it gold.

June 6, 2017



I have noticed that the decay rate has increased considerably on my newer languages, but not on my completed trees. In fact, the decay rate may have slowed somewhat on my completed trees.

I am currently working on the German tree, and the decay rate is beyond anything I have ever seen on any other tree --- and I have completed six trees. Even when I get everything right or maybe miss one question, a lesson will decay multiple times each day. For example, I have had to re-guild the Travel lesson three times in the past 24 hours. Some of the other lessons are decaying in less than 12 hours. I tried to keep up with it for a while, but it's impossible.


Just redo the whole skill the first time it degilds. It will otherwise come back for as many days as there are lessons in it. This calms the degilding nicely.


I've been having strangling problems too. They go down faster and when I strengthen they don't improve


That's another issue, it often takes two rounds to strengthen something that is 4/5 that I strengthened the day before anyway.


I don't know if you know this, but.......you put strangling instead of strengthening. :D


Hi! We are looking in to this issue, thank you (and many others around here) for reporting! ['m moving this discussion to troubleshooting]


I'm experiencing something similar in the German tree, the strenghten skill lets me do basics multiple times a day. I'm a new user so I can't compare it to past experience. Maybe it's me being a bad learner? I'd like to trust the strenghten skills' pick of what to train, because that's the point of having an algorithm plan spaced repetition for me.


Thanks a lot! :)


I'm starting to see an improvement. Words that were previously long dead are now strengthening, more trees are remaining gilded, and for the first time in months my Fluency is rising instead of dropping. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. Thank you.


We all have, due to a change in the decay/strengthen algorithms by Duo.


Ah, yikes. Was it intentional (if you know)?


Based on comments from Duolingo staff (possibly from Luis himself), I'm pretty sure it was intentional.


Actually, a comment I saw from Luis in the past few days indicated they didn't know why someone's degilding rate had recently amped up. He said they were looking into it.

I think the changes of the past week or so are separate from the increases of two months or so ago that also increased degilding rates, and which were explained in a post by staff.


I haven't noticed any worsening of the rate of degradation recently, if anything it seems like it has slowed down for me. Maybe it just means I'm adapting to the changes made several weeks ago? I'm not sure I'll ever get back to a 100% gold French tree, though.

But in the past few weeks I've had the first node in the French tree (Basics 1) go non-gold. Really??


Hmm. Shame, I thought the system was fine how it was :/


Noticed the same behaviour. Fair enough you don't have to keep it golden all the time, on the other hand it should show, that you have to revisit some items in order to keep your memory fresh. But recently the rate at which this review pops up is insane. I'm roughly 60% through my tree and need to redo phrases from the second row. And in the meantime the skills are rotting away, because at least 4-5 popping up each day, I'm not even able to progress in any way, if I want to have the ~0% to-be-reviewed rate. Quite annoying, instead of practising the hard stuff, Duo is just randomly producing a lot of practise noise, which in this extent slows down my motivation continue learning in the skill...


No, I have too...


Glad I'm not the only one then.


I just strengthened I few yesterday and they were gold, now they aren't.....


Yes I've noticed this. Perhaps Duo's trying to save money on the gold paint....


I have the exact same problem, and what's my solution?, just do the strengthen skills when I need it, no when the Duolingo Algorithms say it, I can continue with my tree as I want, BUT, If I forget something, I'll just go back and strength the things I'VE forgotten.


Having opened up my trees today and looked at the ridiculous amount that's degilded, including basic skills redone yesterday, I'm going to follow your solution.


I have noticed that too. Now they decrease so fast that I can't keep up with it any longer, which makes me more stressful.


It would be nice if the decay rate actually reflected what needs reviewed.


The decay rate no longer seems to be any kind of useful guide!


I have the same problem. I just can't take anymore, I already know all the words from some Lessons. I've already sent a bug report to Duolingo but they don't do anything.

[deactivated user]

    I just learned the 'Intro' skill in German a few days ago, and it's already down to 3/5! It's very flustering!


    I'm having to manually make a note of what lessons I've done so I know which skills to do again the next day. Feel like I'm doing more work, which is really annoying when Duolingo's algorithm used to do the work for me! Now most of my skills are 3/5 but I /know/ they can't all be 3/5 and I can't distinguish between them without keeping some kind of diary on which skills I've tested myself on recently. So frustrating, and I really hope this is a bug that they fix soon :/


    I am having the same issue. Not only that but my fluency score is dropping as I do it; was at 25%, now at 19% although further along in the progress steps. Practice makes perfect is their motto I suspect.


    I'm having the same problem with my fluency level. It's really depressing! It's dropping during a session - today I went from 9% to 7% during the hour or so that I was studying. It's the very opposite of motivational!


    I have days where I don't learn anything new. i'm just strengthening it all the time


    I am having the same problem. It is basically impossible now to keep my tree gold.

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    I've just decided to stop trying to maintain my skills golden too, and will review them when I think it's time :) Otherwise I would barely be able to learn new ones now. The algorithm really needs to be tweaked, the decay rate is insane ! Or the user needs more control over this. For example a simple button to tell "Hey Duo, I don't think I need to repeat this skill now !" would already be an improvement


    I totally agree. Either reduce the decay rate to something reasonable - I haven't learnt anything new for about a month - or give us some kind of "skip" button. From now I'm going to keep a manual log of where I'm at and not bother to regild skills for the sake of it. It's not helping me learn anything.


    What I've decided to do is have around 2 days in a row learning new stuff, and 1 day in between where I revisit things that need strengthening. I think this is a good way of structuring it.


    Mine seems to have slowed down. I think they are getting better at deciding when it is needed. Review is necessary, it is where the real learning happens. The patterns need to become ingrained, automatic. It is not a waste of time even when you get it all right. I think the regilding algorithm is one of the best things about duolingo.


    You seem to be one of the lucky ones. Mine has speeded up and no longer even roughly reflects what I need to revise. How many times do you have to practise "Hello?"


    I doesn't work at all anymore. I just had a revision of basics 2 for the Nth time this week. The last sentence of the test iI got was Ustedes beben leche. I checked "words" after completion. Beben was reported last seen 4 days ago, ustedes was last week...


    I'm currently working on three trees and Greek is the only one with this problem, sometimes I need to strengthen a skill twice a day. It doesn't help that the skill specific strengthening seems to always use the same words, meaning I have to strengthen it by redoing lessons. In Swedish I actually have the opposite problem, I have finished the tree and only one of the skills has decayed during the last 10 days. French is the only reasonable one with 2-3 skills decaying per day.


    You do realize that you don't HAVE to strengthen anything? This isn't school. If you know you know something, ignore what color it is. It doesn't matter.


    Still, it's good to keep it strengthened to ensure fluency in what you've learned. I'm probably going to ignore it in Eo from now on until I complete the tree.


    Yeah I noticed it with Spanish for Russian speakers the most.


    Yes I noticed this too


    I left Esperanto strengthening for TWO DAYS and I have 15 depleted lessons. Nice one.

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