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Sind Seid Bist.

What is the difference between the 3. I still can't figure out when to use them.

June 6, 2017



"Sind" is used when using the pronouns "we", "they" or polite "you". So "wir sind", "sie sind" or "Sie sind" (there is always a capital at the beginning of the polite you form). "Seid" is used in the plural "you" form. So "ihr seid". Finally "bist" is used when using the singular "you" form. So it would be "du bist". These conjugations come from the verb "sein", which means "to be". This type of verb is also known as an auxiliary or an infinitive. I hope this helps!


Ja, it really does. Danke. Here's a lingot for helping.


Sind is used with (they) sie, (you formal) Sie, and (we) wir, meaning "are" , seid is used with (you all) ihr, meaning "are", and bist is used with (you singular) du, meaning "are"

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