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  5. "Te uiți la mine?"

"Te uiți la mine?"

Translation:Do you look at me?

June 6, 2017



Shouldn't it be Are you looking at me because it is Present Continuous?


I agree. I think the english for this would be "Are you looking at me?"


That version's certainly better for movie quotes.


As a native English speaker, I would say "Are you looking at me?"


But that depends on the context of course. There are some situations where "Do you look at me?" is more appropriate.


I don't know; "do you look at me" is very awkward in any context I can think of (at least in American English; I can't speak to British...)


But what if the context is clearly habitual. E.g. When I walk past your classroom every day I peer inside and look at the faces of the students.


Cum spui "Are you forgetting me?"? Mulțumesc mult.


Mulțumesc mult!


This has been presented to me under the subject of 'reflexive'. Why is this phrase reflexive?


You can see it's a reflexive verb because of the "te". This is a tricky verb because here it's used in a very strange way. The verb means "forget" so you would think that this sentence would mean "Do you forget yourself around me?" or something.

But actually it means "Do you look at me?". Somehow "forget yourself" has morphed into "look at". It's hard to understand why and I'm not sure even the Romanians know for sure. It's best to just learn it as a strange case.


Could this be "Are you watching me?"?


No. If you translate "are you watching me?" in Romanian, most of the people will translate it as "mă urmărești?", which means "are you following me?". It is a bit weird so you shouldn't use this translation


Not on a regular basis, no.

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