Hi - what happened to the progress tests? Will they be coming back? I was really disappointed when I found that they were gone, because they really helped me to know how much I was learning.

June 6, 2017


Duolingo is being rewritten, so some people may still be in the older version while others are in the new. The new version has no progress quiz.

So will everyone get the feature with the hearts/lives thing? D:

Is it only on iOS so far? I only use PC and haven't ran in to it...

It's not on the website yet; I think the health feature is only on iOS.

The web site rewrite does not include things like Hearts/Gems (which are mobile only - and for now iOS only).

[deactivated user]

    I agree, liked the test. It was one of the few things I would spend lingots on.

    That's weird. I still have my progress test. Can you move this to the troubleshooting forum?


    That's not possible; because Duolingo has rewritten the website, the progress quiz is no longer accessible.

    Not everyone is on the new code. They are rolling it out in phases.

    My apologies; I wasn't aware of this.

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