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Immersion, Streams, & Tests-OH MY!

What is this Discussion about?

I've noticed that quite a bit of features have been removed from DL. I created this discussion not for protesting or anything like that. In fact, this is the opposite!

I'm a middle-schooler and this is my separate account (as I cannot use the Discussion Index on my regular account for school) that I rarely use-- but only for asking/answering questions and whatnot.

Anyway, I was wondering about the "next big thing."

The Next Big Thing?

So basically, my big question here is: What is the NBT and how is this going to affect my work at school? My classroom uses DL for practice and its been super useful! I've even used it for other new languages instead of Spanish including Portuguese and French.

I'm also asking this question on behalf of the majority of the DL user community and for my teachers and peers at school. Everyone wants to know what is "so big" that it can replace the immersion, streams, and test features that were so beloved to Duolingo! These features shaped DL to what it is today.

Not to be offensive.... BUT Duolingo was different. Was. With immersion, we were able to do amazing things! And with streams? Less spam and more fun! We could talk with our friends and send messages of encouragement-without clogging up the index. Tests were a great idea and was helpful to measure my progress.

I know this won't bring these features back. I know they're gone.

Just realized this starting sounding like a funeral.

This was not supposed to be this way. Back to what I was saying originally-what is going to be the NBT? Thank y'all.

PS-I accept lingots! XD

PSS-I wrote more than I thought I did.

PSSS-What does "PS" even stand for anyway?

June 6, 2017



PS stands for post script.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense. TY!


Here's a lingot because someone gave me one and I like to have even numbers of virtual riches.


You sound pretty smart for a middle schooler, I'm kinda surprised xD

Anyway, the reason why they quit immersion was because in the EU there were some laws that you getting in the way since in the EU "you can't work unless you're paid", and apparently Immersion was work so Duolingo members in the EU couldn't do immersion.

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