"Noi leggiamo la misura totale."

Translation:We read the total size.

March 4, 2013

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I'm wondering the same thing here about the meaning in English. As I understand it, misura means measure in the context of 'dimensions'. so, if we 'read the total measure' we are sizing something up dimensionally. Can a native Italian speaker provide some insight here?


This sentence makes no sense in English as translated; a better version would be we read the whole measure, which could refer to music or poetry. No one reads a "whole size."


Please report it in the report field, especially via our reports Duolingo can improve. :)


I agree that it is a LOUSY sentence that makes very little sense in English. (Even in poetry or music, it would be a "measure", wouldn't it)- and that may be a completely different word in Italian. they need to ditch this sentence.


Does this make ANY sense in ITALIAN? Becase as a native English speaker Ican tell you- it makes NO sense in English.


Could measure, as it pertains to the law, also be applicable?

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